Saturday, 18 March 2017

Just to Say Thank You....

I have NO IDEA how my blog has reached so many people! But thank you so, so much for reading my posts, it means a great deal to me. I really hope this blog is achieving what it was set up for: letting people know they are not alone in their thoughts and experiences.


I have a new blog now with the same type of content and even more posts at this web address:

Please carry on reading and coming back!

Thank you so much again, but don't forget to check out my new blog!:)

Monday, 5 September 2016

Type 1 Diabetes: Does it hurt?

Needles are a big part of having diabetes. It's the emotional side of it all that people seem to talk about being difficult or painful, but you can't forget about the needles.

  • 66,000 finger tests. 
  • 9,808 insulin injections. 
  • 1,185 set changes. 
  • 714 sensor changes. 
  • 50 blood tests/IVs. 
  • 16 flu jabs. 
  • 4 minor operations. 
  • 3 major operations.
  • A multitude of other scans, procedures and tests.


That's 77,700 needles. Not including the set changes that went wrong, the extra injection of insulin to help a high blood sugar come down. 77,700 needle because of 1 missing pancreas. 

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