Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Attempt at Socialising

So, I don't have a particularly busy social life I'll admit.... But, I do know a fair few fellow diabetics. A lot of which I spent this weekend with in a Caravan Park, the weekend (Friday to Monday), nicknamed Hoburne. 

My mum actually organises this particular weekend, and has done since I was 6 years old. This year was our 9th year! The time has really flown since the first year. 

I really really love being around others with diabetes. I just fit in so easily it's crazy! At school I have my friends of course, but I find I have more in common with other type ones and/or thier siblings 
Even if personality wise we're poles apart. I think it's to do with how we all have to deal with the same type of burden, so we understand each other on a whole other level, even the siblings who aren't T1 themselves! 

It's not even the in depth conversation of what regimes you've been on, or your scariest hypo stories that I enjoy. (Yes I do like to hear those types of things, it's interesting!) But it's the moments that an insulin pump beep and no one knows which pump it was, so everyone pulls thier electronic pancreases (has someone invented the plural for pancreas yet?) out of thier pockets. 

We're a family. When you haven't met before, or when you've known each other for years. There is just a connection between diabetics, and the siblings that get dragged along. It's amazing. You don't know what it's like unless you've been there. I love it. I love them:)

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