Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Italy - Day 1!! Or, well, Day 2....

I am writing this post at 4am, halfway through an almost 24hour coach journey (with a bit of ferrying involved), because I cannot sleep. Turns out, I can only sleep in a bed, and definitely not on a coach. Unless I'm hit round the head with a hammer. Although I'd rather not be.

The reason I am sat on a coach is, I am on my way to Italy!! (With the school). Currently I'm in France, and yes I'm going via Switzerland, but we will eventually end up (hopefully) in Italy. 

And I'm in charge. (Not of the trip, we'd end up in Sweden or something if I was in charge of the whole thing). But I am in charge of my diabetes. And boy am I excited! 

I do have a deal with the teachers, where they're my alarm clock, and then I let them know if anything is drastically wrong plus they're emergency trained. However, the rest -the majority - is down to me. But I'm doing great so far. With the exception of underestimating my dinner carbs on the ferry yesterday evening resulting in a 17.0 back on the coach an hour later. But I'm going to pretend that never happened. So, I'm doing great so far! (I am now okay again). I'll attempt to make sure the rest of the week goes a little smoother than the first 12 hours!

Wish me luck!

Look at the amount of medical I had to pack for just a week!! That's not even all of it!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

DBlog Week - Continuing Connections

It's the last day of my first DBlog Week today...... It's actually quite hard work which I didn't expect! 

I'm not a massive reader of blogs, I usually just write my own and that's it. But, recently I've found a couple of really good ones, which really enjoy reading! 

missjengrieves.com is very funny, and the first blog I read which got me into reading blogs. theunderstudypancreas.com is also a very good blog, one I enjoy reading:)

But the blog that first inspired me to blog properly, was Ellie Huckle's elshuckle.blogspot.com and I still read it. 

Please go and check out all the blogs I've mentioned on here!!

Until next year, goodbye DBlog Week!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

DBlog Week - Favourites and Motivations

I made a New Years resolution at the beginning of 2013, to make a type one diabetes blog. So, I made one. However I only posted twice. I was absolutely rubbish at it! Then in 2014 I made a new blog, in May. But, I couldn't keep it up well so I stopped and switched to Twitter. 

Earlier this year I decided to start it up again on the same blog (the very first one is no longer in use). I gave it a complete new look, a new name and new style of blogging. Plus I blog about other things such as HI and Gastroparesis now. And I've kept it up! I deleted all my old posts from May to when I stopped it in October, so I only have my posts since March (I read my old posts back and wondered how I'd ever been happy to post them! They were awful!)

So, since restarting my favourite post has been 'Invasion of Test Strips', the link to it is at the bottom of this post. I like it simply because I had a lot fun writing it!! More than I usually do haha. Or actually 'My Brand New MiniMed 640G' I quite like because it's more of a story of a day rather than opinions:)

I think my favourite line is actually one I said, I may have mentioned it in one of my DBlog Week posts. It being -

'Diabetes is only one piece of me, both the whole picture.'

Links - 



Friday, 15 May 2015

DBlog Week - Foods on Friday

I can and will eat anything I like. I do try and stick to a healthy diet, because obviously that's good for you. But I don't stick to it because I'm a diabetic. In regards to my diabetes, I will eat anything I like!

I'm not the cook in the house, so I don't know any recipes we use frequently, to be honest I don't think we use recipes!

I carbohydrate count, I eat healthily, I eat normally. I work my diabetes around the food, not the food around my diabetes. 

(I'm sorry that I don't have much to say today!)

Thursday, 14 May 2015

DBlog Week - Changes

Well. I've definitely seen some changes. Liiiiiiiiiike transitioning from MDI to a pump...... Aaaaaaaaaand ummmmmm starting to carbohydrate count....... But sadly I cannot remember them very well at all because my memory is atrocious. 

So I will blog about the future changes!! No memory required for this! 

Recently I've heard of some of my friends  trialling the closed loop system overnight. (Is this one called the artificial pancreas??) So it would stop and start insulin automatically!! I'd be scared to trust it though. A machine doing it all itself. At least with the pump you control it yourself. Although I'd love to be able not think about it at all!! Saying that, I think I would think about it anyway, it's a habit now. To wonder what my blood sugar is. 

I would love to trial it, to see it in action. But, my A1c is too low!!! 

I look forward to future, life saving technology. But I am also fearful, because I won't be in control anymore. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

DBlog Week - Clean it Out

Hmmmmmm. I definitely have PLENTY to clean out of my medical cupboard. Well, all my cupboards could do with cleaning out but this is a diabetes blog so I can't talk about my other cupboards on here. 

I think at least half of the cupboard must be packed with test kits. The amount I have collected over the years is truly insane. And the amount of finger testers that came with them..... At least ousted all the test kits at some point. But finger testers is nuh uh. I will only use accu check multiclix. Fastclix at a push. Any other one - NO NO NO NO. But my mum kept them anyway! 

Obviously my medical cupboard is filled with sets, reservoirs, sensor bits and bobs and loads of hypo treatment but there is so much old stuff I simply don't use anymore! Like my old test kits and pen pot of finger testers, alongside those is my old MDI kit. I don't even remember how to use it anymore! Sadly we have to keep it for those extremely rare highs that require a pen injection, or that even rarer time that my pump completely breaks (only happened once in 8 years, and that was when we couldn't get a new pump within 6 hours, which we can now!) So although I can't chuck out the pen kit, it is in my medical cupboard so gets a mention:) (there is also a box of unseeded straws in the cupboard, I used to use them to take hypo treatment but haven't for YEARS so in sure they'd disintegrate with one touch!)

But, the thing that definitely takes the biscuit for not belonging in my medical cupboard is by far, the suitcase. Yes, a suitcase. There was a gap, so we filled it. Because of course a suitcase is essential in your medical cupboard. It is the most important piece of kit didn't you know?! Well, it could be of you were in hospital overnight, but touch wood I haven't needed an overnight bag for quite a while. 

So yeah, my medical cupboard is very very full. Sadly that is not an understatement. 

Monday, 11 May 2015

DBlog Week - Keep it to Yourself

This is a very difficult subject for me!! I try to make my blog as honest as I can get it! I don't even keep things from my friends, or family, when it comes to diabetes. I like to think I'm a pretty open person, and I love to talk about a wide variety of subjects, anything basically! I figure, that me talking about being diabetic, is just like my bestfriend talking about her horse riding! I find medical conditions or situations interesting to talk about, especially diabetes as I live with it! I will literally talk to anyone about any aspect of diabetes. 

But, there is something I try and keep to myself. Sometimes I fail and let it slip out by accident, but generally I'm good at keeping it in. I don't like to talk to friends and family about my problems. If I'm having a bad day, or just a bad low I don't like to moan about it to people. I will tell them because it is often important someone knows that it's bad, or I need help but I won't moan about it. Because I feel like it is attention seeking, which is something I don't lie other people doing, so I certainly try not to myself. 

Once in a blue moon, I'll have a rant because my patience or strength snapped. And I am sick of it, full stop. But I try to make that a rare occasion. I keep my rants to my blog, when I want to, but even then I limit it because I like to think I am a very positive person. 

So I am open, but keep my frustration, when I can, to myself!

Dblog Week - I Can

Believe it or not, diabetes isn't all bad. I make out that it is terrible and I hate it, but there are some perks. Every cloud (albeit a rather large cloud, probably pouring with rain!!) has a silver lining. Plus, you can dance in the rain.....!

Anyway, enough with the soppy quotes. Being diabetic, and having HI, has given me so many opportunities! I reckon the majority of my CV (when I finally get round to actually writing the damn thing) will be made up of the T1 opportunities I've had the honour of partaking in! 

And some of the all time best people I know, and have known, are diabetic. Or have a sibling/son or daughter/or simply are just involved in the T1 world. I would never have met them had I not been diagnosed with it all.

So. Day 1 of diabetes blog week, subject: I can. 

- I CAN talk in front of large groups of people from having given presentations about various aspects of life with T1/HI. 

- I CAN cope with extremely long journeys from travelling up to hospital so much. 

- I CAN drink a mini coke can in under 10 seconds, in my sleep!

- I CAN live with a chronic medical condition everyday AND kick its butt daily. 

- I've found (I couldn't find a way to make this point work when starting with 'I CAN' but it still counts!!) a passion, helping others with medical conditions like my own, which has lead me to find my dream career - a doctor! 

- I CAN do and be whatever I want, whenever I like, because diabetes is just one piece of the puzzle that is me, it is not and will never EVER be the whole picture. 

Saturday, 9 May 2015

The future!! Eek!!

This is probably really early to think about such things, but I'd really like to be a mother one day. I've been thinking about it quite a lot recently, in respect to my diabetes, CHI etc. And I'm worried if I'm honest with you. 

First of all, being a pregnant type 1 diabetic sounds damn near impossible. I know there have been plenty of T1 mothers but I can't help but worry. I've heard you have to be like a robot, perfect blood sugars permanently so eating little and often (don't quote me on that, I haven't done my research - this is just my thoughts). It sounds like a hellish way to live for 9 whole months. But even worse than that, I couldn't imagine the guilt if my baby was born with medical issues because of bad blood sugar levels on my part! I'd feel so awful. Then there's whole my blood sugars whilst giving birth. I dread that too. 

Another thing I'm equally as worried about is, because of course I had 3 major surgeries when I was a baby, I have a pretty big scar across my stomach. I'm not complaining about the scar, it's neat and it makes my stomach more interesting than the average person's, but it hasn't grown with me whatsoever. It's fairly indented and has gotten shorter as I've got bigger (but still manages to cross my entire stomach!). Obviously being pregnant involves having a mini human being inside you, meaning you have to grow to host them. What the hell will happen with my scar? Will I even be able to have kids because of it? What if my scar didn't grow with me, even though a doctor had perhaps said it would've been fine, but it wasn't, and then the baby had growth problems or something?! Or what if my scar stretched or came undone (I'm hoping that is scientifically impossible haha!!) and cause me problems? 

And then the biggest worry about it all for me is, Congenital Hyperinsulinism is of course genetic. Hence the 'congenital'.  Apparently doctors can't test for my dodgey gene in the father as it is too difficult as of yet, so I wouldn't know if he could pass on the same bad dodgey gene. There are a hell of a lot of genes in the body, so you'd think that the chances of the father having the exact same bad gene as me would be so miniscule it would count as impossible, but it happened to me. Neither of my parents had the condition so the chance was probably even smaller for them to pass on two bad genes to me than for me to give it to my baby but they both happened to have 1 dodgey gene out of two. I then got 1 gene from each parent and they both managed to give me the dodgey ones. So I have two dodgey genes so my baby will definitely get at least one bad gene. What if the father had and gave the baby that same gene, and the bad version?! I dread that happening. I would hate for my child to grow up and live with that sort of difficult condition. The only thing to put my mind at rest is I could in theory make sure the baby didn't have two bad genes. And the treatment these days, and the diagnosis process and everything to do with the condition, is a whole lot better technologically and there are more medications than when I was born, and there will be even better technology and more medications, I hope, when I, hopefully, have a child. So at least they'd have an easier ride. And I desperately hope it didn't/doesn't get diabetes either from HI or normal T1. Or any medial condition for that matter!!

You'd think I'd dismiss wanting children after all that, but I reeeaaaally want at least one child. Or two. (Haha I haven't decided!) I hope everything works out really!!