Thursday, 14 May 2015

DBlog Week - Changes

Well. I've definitely seen some changes. Liiiiiiiiiike transitioning from MDI to a pump...... Aaaaaaaaaand ummmmmm starting to carbohydrate count....... But sadly I cannot remember them very well at all because my memory is atrocious. 

So I will blog about the future changes!! No memory required for this! 

Recently I've heard of some of my friends  trialling the closed loop system overnight. (Is this one called the artificial pancreas??) So it would stop and start insulin automatically!! I'd be scared to trust it though. A machine doing it all itself. At least with the pump you control it yourself. Although I'd love to be able not think about it at all!! Saying that, I think I would think about it anyway, it's a habit now. To wonder what my blood sugar is. 

I would love to trial it, to see it in action. But, my A1c is too low!!! 

I look forward to future, life saving technology. But I am also fearful, because I won't be in control anymore. 

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