Sunday, 17 May 2015

DBlog Week - Continuing Connections

It's the last day of my first DBlog Week today...... It's actually quite hard work which I didn't expect! 

I'm not a massive reader of blogs, I usually just write my own and that's it. But, recently I've found a couple of really good ones, which really enjoy reading! is very funny, and the first blog I read which got me into reading blogs. is also a very good blog, one I enjoy reading:)

But the blog that first inspired me to blog properly, was Ellie Huckle's and I still read it. 

Please go and check out all the blogs I've mentioned on here!!

Until next year, goodbye DBlog Week!


  1. Ah Jess! I've only just seen this. I'm so glad that my blog gave you the inspiration to start blogging. You have a great blog and I'm sure it will go far! Keep it up xx

    1. I saw yours in a diabetes Facebook group, I loved it and and so thought it would be cool to have one myself:)xx