Monday, 11 May 2015

Dblog Week - I Can

Believe it or not, diabetes isn't all bad. I make out that it is terrible and I hate it, but there are some perks. Every cloud (albeit a rather large cloud, probably pouring with rain!!) has a silver lining. Plus, you can dance in the rain.....!

Anyway, enough with the soppy quotes. Being diabetic, and having HI, has given me so many opportunities! I reckon the majority of my CV (when I finally get round to actually writing the damn thing) will be made up of the T1 opportunities I've had the honour of partaking in! 

And some of the all time best people I know, and have known, are diabetic. Or have a sibling/son or daughter/or simply are just involved in the T1 world. I would never have met them had I not been diagnosed with it all.

So. Day 1 of diabetes blog week, subject: I can. 

- I CAN talk in front of large groups of people from having given presentations about various aspects of life with T1/HI. 

- I CAN cope with extremely long journeys from travelling up to hospital so much. 

- I CAN drink a mini coke can in under 10 seconds, in my sleep!

- I CAN live with a chronic medical condition everyday AND kick its butt daily. 

- I've found (I couldn't find a way to make this point work when starting with 'I CAN' but it still counts!!) a passion, helping others with medical conditions like my own, which has lead me to find my dream career - a doctor! 

- I CAN do and be whatever I want, whenever I like, because diabetes is just one piece of the puzzle that is me, it is not and will never EVER be the whole picture. 


  1. I love this Jess! And way to set your goals high! Being a doctor who knows what it is like to be a patient will ensure your success! You are wonderful and I wish you every diabetes related and non-diabetes related happiness. <3

    1. Thank you!! I appreciate comments so much:) I've always wanted to work in a hospital! I find medical stuff all so interesting:)

  2. Bravo!!!! You can do (and are doing) a ton of great things! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!

  3. Replies
    1. I couldn't think of any to begin with! I've found that, I CAN make a list, eventually haha:)

  4. So empowering! Thank you for this blog post:)

  5. I love your positivity. You can do anything and I am glad that you refuse to let diabetes get in the way of that.