Monday, 1 August 2016

HbA1c Importance. Or lack of?

What's all the hype about the HbA1c? It's all the consultants seem to go on about, but are they that important?

First of all, some basics and facts!

  • HbA1c means the glycated haemoglobin in the blood. So, the amount of glucose stuck to haemoglobin accumulated through having high blood sugars. (The higher, the more glucose gets stuck)
  • The glucose 'falls off' after around 3 months which is why that's how frequently you have your A1c measured. 
  • The target A1c was 7.5% but has been lowered to 6.5% because studies showed that the average A1c across the country was 0.5% above the target. 
  • They are using 2 units of measurement % and mmol/ls so if your A1c 7.0% it is 53mmol/ls. 

Here is a link to a page with a lot more details on the subject if you'd like to know more about what an HbA1c is and means - 

All that is very well, having a high A1c can lead to complications, you should aim to lower your A1c and it is an incredibly important measurement, of course. But what does an HbA1c actually mean to the diabetic?

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