My Regime

I am currently on an insulin pump, the Medtronic MiniMed 640G . My one has the bigger reservoir (up to 300 units) and I use the longer tubing Mios, Blue is my favourite but Pink does until I find another Blue!

 I am also on the enlite sensors which link to my pump, and I use SmartGuard, which stops insulin going into me, to prevent 80% of lows!

I use the Contour Next Link USB 2.4 which connects to my pump, which is handy and prevents arguments between me and my mum!

I test roughly from 10 - 20 times in a 24 hour period, unless I have an exceptionally good day or an exceptionally bad day, so it depends.

My high and low awareness is a bit temperamental, I often get hypo symptoms such as dizziness, confusion and giggling alot, but I also sometimes don't get any symptoms whatsoever. Plus I get a different severity of symptoms depending on the number. I could be 4.5 and have bad symptoms, or I could be 2.3 and not feel it at all, and vice versa!

My high symptoms are just general grouchiness and a shorter temper than usual, and as with the lows, my symptoms aren't reliable, and come and go frequently.

Because my pancreas is not residing in my body, I take Creon, a digestive enzyme with every meal (6 tablets per).

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